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Wintech focuses on producing types of slitter rewinder that can slitting and rewinding kinds of stretch film, cling film, aluminum foil, silicon paper and so on. Sometimes the regular machine can't meet customers demand. For example, customers may need to process some special materials or they want to have the dual-purpose model. Furthermore, they want new structure, original shape and color. For this all, our engineer will try their best to produce the customized machine to make customers satisfied.

Why could we provide the customized machine?
Wintech has founded about 20 years and there are many experienced engineers gathering in our company. Now we have one technical team about dozens of engineers. The chief engineer has rich design experience and has designed the slitter rewinder about 25 years. The deputy engineer worked at one German machinery production enterprise and has rich experience on exploiting foreign machine. Besides them, we have several engineers who are in charge of exploiting new model. In a word, our engineers have their respective work such as design, making a proof, assembling and producing, program and test and detection. They can collaborate and finish a complete set of production procedures and they all have the ability of dealing with kinds of accidents. And they also can adjust the machine to meet customer's request. Besides the regular model we produce daily, our engineers also can produce the customized machine within their capacity.

Customization process
1. Customer tells us the information about customized machine such as their purpose, the environmental conditions, the anticipant production efficiency and relevant parameters.
2. According to the information which our design engineer has confirmed, we will discuss the model and begin to design the project.
3. The project which designed by design engineer needs to be checked by deputy engineer and then be approved by chief engineer. After these steps, we will provide the relevant parameters for the customer.
4. We will produce the customized machine if the customer is satisfied with the machine.
5. Besides stretch film slitting and rewinding machine, we also can provide the customized machine such as paper slitter rewinder, aluminum foil rewinding machine and non-woven fabric slitting and rewinding machine.

To whom did we provide product and service?
V V Kft. Its headquarters locates in Hungary. In early this year, this company wanted to purchase our company's machine and inquired about the price. But because there were many types of machine that this customer wanted to purchase and they were non't know about what did they really demand, we made communication with them particularly about their demand and then discussed all the details with our experienced engineer. Finally, we recommended the most suitable model to our costumer and we made a deal. What's more, our customer is very satisfied to our after-sales service.

Phoenix and Towne. It locates in Los Angeles in the USA. At first they wanted to purchase our machine. But after we know about our customer's production demand and its market, we suggested that it should purchase our machine and pre-stretch film for reducing our customer's cost and production time.

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