Cast Film Line

  • Cast Film Line
  • Cast Film Line
  • Cast Film Line

Cast film line is the large mechanism and there are one-screw cast film line, two-screw cast film line and three-screw cast film line in our company. Besides, we provide the customized service that our customer can customize new model, the width of machine and so on. These cast film lines are applied to producing types of stretch film.

  • Cast Film Line
  • Cast Film Line
  • Cast Film Line

Screw diameter: 55mm/80mm/55mm
Screw length-diameter ratio: 1:30
Speed: 40-150rpm
Output: 250kg/hour
Width: 1500mm or 3*500mm
Thickness: 0.01-0.05mm
Total power: 68KW
Consumed power: 25-35KW
Size: 9000*3500*3500
Weight: 10T

There are different types of control system that make cast film line smooth and these control systems are all examined and chosen by our research and development department. The fittings in these control systems are produced by high precision equipment. So our cast film line has great production efficiency.

Our cast film line has many types and we can also provide customized machine according to the customers' request such as the machine width and type of screw. The output depends on the relevant parameters. For example, when the speed is between 20rpm to 150rpm, the average output is 150-220KG/H and the product thickness is 8-50mic. Our cast film line has good water cooling system, precise screw and PLC control system. Besides, there are fully automatic control and function of automatic lap changing. So our cast film line can reduce human cost largely.

Our company has researched and developed this cast film line about 20 years and we have very professional technical team. Our technical staffs all have rich operational experience and can deal with different situations. All types of machine have one year free warranty and except for some particular equipment, we provide the fittings freely to replace the broken ones. In addition, our engineer can go to your workplace if necessary. In order to eliminate both sides' trouble, our machines are all examined more than three times by the professional engineer before sales.

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