Compact Stretch Film Rewinder

  • Compact Stretch Film Rewinder
  • Compact Stretch Film Rewinder
  • Compact Stretch Film Rewinder
  • Compact Stretch Film Rewinder

Compact stretch file rewinder is specializing in rewinding food wrapper. This rewinder has many advantages such as easy operation, winding and unwinding handily, low failure rate, easy to do adjustment. What's more, our machine has low cost, occupies a small area and can be placed easily. This rewinding machine also can work well in combination with full-automatic machine produced by our company.

Type HT-E500
Width of mother roll Max500mm
Width of finished roll Min200mm-Max500mm
Speed 600m/Min
Mother roll diameter Max 300mm
Finished roll diameter Max 180mm
Core of mother roll 3"
Core of finished roll 3", 2", 1.5"
Core of fluffy film Customized(Min28mm)
Dimension 1060*1340*750/mm
Weight 400KG

1.We produce this compact stretch film rewinder for reducing user's cost which has low cost, small structure and easy operability.
2.This rewinding machine adopts frequency converting control and has high revolving speed.
3.The stretch film rewinding machine can work smoothly because of unique structure.
4.This rewinder can rewind fluffy film by unassembling and assembling parts of fittings.

Wintech has researched and developed the slitter rewinder about 20 years and we have very professional technical team. Our technical staffs all have rich operational experience and can deal with different situations. All types of machine have one year free warranty and except for some particular equipment, we provide the fittings freely to replace the broken ones. In addition, our engineer can go to your workplace if necessary. In order to eliminate both sides' trouble, our machines are all examined more than three times by the professional engineer before sales.

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